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Understanding Forced Marriage Protection Orders

Forced Marriage Protection Orders (FMPO) are a pivotal legal tool designed to safeguard individuals from being forced into marriage against their will. These orders are specifically tailored to prevent potential forced marriages from occurring or to offer protection to those who are already in such marriages.

Empowering You

At Teesside Law, we recognise the delicate nature of these situations and offer specialised legal services to assist victims and potential victims of forced marriage. Our experienced solicitors are here to provide confidential advice, aiming to protect your rights and ensure your safety.

Why You Might Need a Forced Marriage Protection Order

Forced marriage is a grave violation of human rights and, unfortunately, remains a hidden issue in many communities. It involves individuals being married without their full and free consent. Victims often suffer in silence due to fear of retaliation, cultural pressures, or being ostracised from their communities.

Preventative Legal Aid

If you or someone you know is being threatened with a forced marriage or is already in one, obtaining a Forced Marriage Protection Order is a critical step in preventing the marriage from happening or in providing avenues of escape for those already affected.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Forced Marriage Protection Order is a legal measure that can prevent forced marriages from occurring or help those who are already in such marriages.

    Our team of experienced solicitors will guide you through the entire process, from application to court representation, ensuring your safety and confidentiality.

    Absolutely. We prioritise your privacy and security every step of the way.

    It is essential for the legal process to involve the victim to ensure their safety and wishes are considered. However, in extreme circumstances where the victim is unable to give consent due to immediate danger or coercion, others (such as concerned individuals or authorities) may apply on their behalf, following specific legal procedures to protect the victim’s best interests.

    Breaching a Forced Marriage Protection Order is a criminal offence. If someone is found to have violated the order, they may face arrest, criminal charges, and potentially significant penalties, including imprisonment.

    In urgent situations, courts can issue interim orders rapidly, sometimes within a day. The speed of issuance depends on the immediate risk to the individual’s safety and the specifics of the case presented to the court.

    While the order is issued by UK courts and primarily applies within the UK, it can have implications for actions taken abroad, especially in preventing victims from being taken out of the country. UK authorities work with international counterparts to ensure the victim’s safety.

    Yes, third parties such as relatives, friends, or organisations acting on behalf of the victim or with their consent can apply for a Forced Marriage Protection Order to protect the individual at risk.